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About Me

Hello! I am Nazmus. I am an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. I have had an interest in astronomy since childhood. Until recently, I was unable to pursue my dreams of being an astronomer. But now, I have my own telescope which allows me to view the heavens like never before. Along with my camera, I am able to take pictures of the heavens and share them with you. I hope to take this website to new heights with pictures of The Universe.

My Telescope

My current setup consists of the Celestron NexStar 6se Catadioptric Telescope. This Go-To Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is what makes it all possible for me. This 150mm telescope allows me to see into the heavens with ease. It came with a base 25mm eyepiece but I've purchased the Celestron 8-24mm zoom telescope which allows me to zoom into the universe. With a 2x Barlow Lens, I'm able to zoom in twice as much. I also own 3 color filters (red, blue, and yellow) and a polarizing filter for my eyepieces. Pictures of my set up will come soon!

My Camera

Without a camera, Astrophotography is very hard. With my previous telescope, I used a modified webcam. But after saving up for a few months, I was able to purchase the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. This 18 megapixel camera provides awesome quality of images. A majority of the pictures uploaded have been taken using the Canon T2i. With a specialized T-Ring and T-Adapter, I am able to plut this DSLR straight into my telescope to take beautiful picture of planets, the moon, the sun, and the rest of space.

My Other Websites and Projects

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